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There are 3 ability based bands:

  1. Concert Band
  2. Symphonic Band
  3. Wind Ensemble

Jazz Band is availble as well.  However, in order to take Jazz, you must also be enrolled in one of the bands listed above.  

Placement into band is determined by a BAND AUDITION that happens in late Spring. There is a place for everyone who registers to be in the band program!  Mr. Guerrero and Mr. Howard will be working with students to get prepared for that audition, so there is NOTHING to worry about!

 Throughout the year the bands perform in approximately four concerts and two festivals around the metroplex. They get to play in all the pep rallies at DMS and play at a High School Varsity Football game on one Friday Night!  In addition, there are opportunities to compete against other students in the Region and District for awards and honors.

There are many different band socials that are planned throughout the year, from Masquerade Parties to Movie Nights, and a Fun Day with blow up obstacle courses to a day at Hurricane Harbor!

 It’s important to know that plenty of band students also participate in other electives as well as playing in school athletics as well as select team sports out of school. All of it is able to work with the band schedule!

 If you are interested in band or have specific questions, contact DMS Band Director, Chase Howard at: